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OCD may be tied to higher schizophrenia risk

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2014 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Mental Conditions

There are few things more deeply troubling and terrifying than not being able to trust one’s own mind. Sadly, this is something that many individuals with serious mental disorders face on a regular basis. One mental disorder that can be particularly tough on its victims is schizophrenia. As is outlined by the National Institute of Mental Health, schizophrenia can give rise to many different symptoms, including: “working memory” problems, thought disorders, attentiveness problems, focus problems, movement disorders, problems with decision-making, delusions and hallucinations.

A recent study indicates that there may be a connection between schizophrenia and another mental disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder.

The study, which reviewed the medical data of millions of people, found that the risk of developing schizophrenia later in life was generally higher in individuals who had previously received a diagnosis of OCD. Another, rather curious, finding of the study was that schizophrenia risk was also higher among individuals who had a parent with an OCD diagnosis.

The study did not shed any light on what is behind these results. Past studies have also pointed to a possible relationship between OCD and schizophrenia.

Schizophrenia is a condition that much is still unknown about. Also, our ability to treat this condition is still very imperfect. One wonders if further research into a possible link between OCD and schizophrenia will lead to any insights regarding schizophrenia and better ways to treat it.

Currently, even with treatment, schizophrenia can affect its victims deeply. Sometimes, the condition keeps a person from working. Depending on the degree of this work impairment and other factors, Social Security Disability benefits may be an option for a schizophrenia sufferer. Such benefits may be able to help a schizophrenia sufferer cope with the financial struggles of not being able to work.