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April 2015 Archives

Does the federal government need to regulate service dog websites?

Aside from the financial peace of mind provided by Social Security disability benefits, those suffering from a serious disability have other mechanisms at their disposal to help make life easier and perhaps even more enjoyable.

How much do you understand about osteoporosis?

In today's post, we'll explore osteoporosis, a frequently debilitating condition that affects millions of Americans, and which will likely continue to pose a major health concern in the coming years thanks to the nation's aging baby boomer population.

Why Such A High Percentage Of Initial Claims Are Denied

As a law firm that serves clients needing assistance with federal Social Security disability insurance (SSDI) claims, I frequently receive phone calls and emails wondering why the person's initial claim was denied. Depending upon the regional Social Security Administration (SSA) Disability Determination Services, as high as 65 percent of initial claims are denied, for a variety of reasons.

Dedicated to helping baby boomers secure SSD benefits

It goes without saying that many people find the idea of getting older to be a somewhat frightening proposition. At least part of this fear understandably comes from the reality that with older age comes greater chances of developing some sort of life altering -- or even life-threatening -- medical condition.

What are chocolate, red wine and rats teaching us about depression?

Thanks to the hard work of researchers across the United States and around the world, we now understand significantly more about depression. For instance, just a few months ago Canadian researchers made the groundbreaking discovery that a diagnosis of depression was frequently accompanied by significant brain inflammation.

Study identifies antibiotics as possible diabetes risk factor

Most people are well aware of the risk factors associated with type 2 diabetes, including heart disease, smoking and, of course, obesity. However, a recently published study in the European Journal of Endocrinology suggests that another risk factor might soon be added to this list.