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Texas disability and illness can be financially devastating

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2015 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Illness

During the difficult economic times that Texans experienced a few years ago, many people in the Houston area probably had fears about losing their job and not having an income. Even today, job security can be a scary subject for hard-working people in a variety of different industries. Just like losing a job, suffering a debilitating illness can prevent a person from earning the income that they received prior to the illness.

An illness, like heart disease, can completely sideline a person from their daily career. When the person has a substantial working history, though, they should be able to receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits for illness. To qualify for these benefits, the person must have a certain amount of Social Security credits, which they accumulate through their work history. In addition, the worker’s illness must meet certain agency-mandated criteria.

For many people in this situation, filling out Social Security forms and compiling medical and other records is an overwhelming task. Our Houston-based law firm knows how to help workers who are ill get their Social Security applications across the finish line in good order.

The easiest way to get any kind of SSD benefits is to submit a thorough and accurate application the first time. Nonetheless, even diligent and deserving applicants sometimes get their claims denied by the Social Security Administration. We can also step in to help applicants who are in this position. We know how to appeal a denied claim and give the applicant the best chance of prevailing.

Our law firm website contains information about a variety of Social Security topics, including SSD benefits for illness. Anyone who needs help or more information about Social Security claims can use our website as a starting point for getting the answers and help that they need.