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Supreme Court decision impacts SSD benefits

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2015 | Social Security Disability

By now, most people in the Houston area are probably aware that the United States Supreme Court recently struck down state bans on gay marriage. Thus, the heavily anticipated decision makes it legal for gay people to marry in Texas and every other state in the country. While the monumental decision evoked emotional reactions from people on both sides of the argument, everyone must now accept the decision and its many implications.

One of the big impacts of the legalization of gay marriage is the financial consequences that will flow from it. Now that gay people can marry, they are also entitled to all of the legal rights that go along with any other marriage.

When it comes to financial matters, for example, this means that married gay couples can now file jointly for both state and federal taxes.

In addition to the tax implications, readers of this blog are probably interested in the Court decision’s impact on Social Security benefits. For Social Security disability, gay spouses are now entitled to the same benefits as other spouses. This means that if one spouse receives SSD benefits, the other spouse is eligible to receive Social Security benefits when they turn 62-years-old.

The Supreme Court’s recent decision is a reminder that all people who may be eligible to receive disability benefits should understand their rights and options. Regardless of whether a person is gay or heterosexual, understanding and wading through the disability claims process can be cumbersome. Accordingly, people who have a health problem that leaves them with an inability to work can discuss the matter with a SSD benefits attorney.

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