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September 2015 Archives

What are the evidentiary benefits' requirements for SSD claims?

If a person in the Houston area is unable to work due to an injury, he or she may qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits to help replace some of the lost wages. This is true regardless of whether the person's injury occurred while at work or at any other place and time. But just having an injury is not, by itself, enough for a person to meet the federal requirements for receiving SSD benefits for an injury.

Congressional bill would end waiting period for SSD benefits

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is supposed to help people who are too injured or ill to work. American workers fund the SSDI program through their payroll taxes. Thus, it is available to people in Houston, and everywhere else in the country, if they have worked long enough and have a qualifying medical condition. The waiting period for receiving benefits can, however, pose substantial hardships for some people who need SSDI.

Cancer patients may be eligible for SSD benefits

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people throughout the United States die of cancer. Moreover, according to the American Cancer Society, more than 1.6 million people will be diagnosed with cancer this year alone. Although breakthroughs in treatment have allowed many people to beat cancer, it still remains a horrible disease for which there is no known definitive cure.

People with bipolar disorder can get disability benefits

People in Houston who are fortunate enough to have never had a mental illness, or to not have had a close relative or friend with one, may not fully understand how disabling some mental illnesses can be. But the reality is that people who suffer from mental illness may be almost completely unable to function in everyday life and handle their own affairs.