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October 2015 Archives

Ignoring a special examination may result in denied claims

When a person suffers an injury and is unable to work, they may be entitled to Social Security disability (SSD) benefits. These benefits are intended to help the injured person pay medical expenses, as well as their daily bills. Because an injured person might have to rely on these SSD benefits as their only or primary source of income, it is important to understand the application process and how to avoid ending up with a denied claim.

Our Houston law firm understands the SSDI system

Most people in the Houston area are not independently wealthy and free to spend the rest of their lives without working. Some people might relish the thought of some day socking away enough money to be in a financial position to retire. Of course, that takes years of hard work and planning. If a person gets injured and is unable to work, it could lead to more problems than just derailing the person's expected retirement.

Woman bilks system, gets mental disability benefits for years

As last week's blog post explained, people in the Houston area may need to rely on Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits for a variety of mental conditions, including anxiety disorders. However, the requirements for getting disability benefits are supposed to be stringent. In some cases, this means that people who need benefits may have a tough time getting them. On the other hand, the requirements are also meant to ensure that only those people who are truly in need get the benefits.

Is anxiety disorder a mental illness?

Trying to cope with stress is a daily struggle for many people in the Houston area. Between dealing with work responsibilities, keeping up with ordinary household bills and tending to any other obligations, it can be easy for anybody to feel overloaded from time to time. However, there is a big difference between this kind of routine stress that comes and goes, and the profound anxiety that certain other people experience.

Work incentives for SSI recipients

Most people have to work so that they can earn money and pay their household bills and other living expenses. When a person is disabled, however, performing his or her job may become unrealistic or impossible. Social Security Disability is designed to help people who are in this difficult situation.