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January 2016 Archives

New treatment offers hope for people with depression

Depression is a mental condition with which many people in the Houston area can identify. Even if a person has never suffered depression themselves, chances are good that they have a friend or relative who has struggled with it at some point. According to data from a 2012 study from the International Journal of Methods in Psychiatric Research, nearly 17 percent of Americans will experience major depression.

Can creditors take SSI benefit payments?

By definition, Supplemental Security Income is only available to people with low incomes who are disabled, blind, or are at least 65-years-old. Thus, people in Houston who are receiving SSI benefits from the Social Security Administration may not even have enough resources to cover their monthly expenses, let alone pay for any other bills. But. what happens when an SSI recipient had prior debts; can creditors garnish their SSI benefit payments?

How common are neck injuries?

Millions of people throughout the country suffer some degree of back pain and are familiar with the effect that it can have on everyday life. For example, certain back injuries and pain can make it virtually impossible for a person to work on a continuous and full-time basis. But, what about neck injuries; how common are they and what are the effects?

Injury or illness can put Houston workers in dire financial shape

In the current economic environment, it is difficult enough for workers in the Houston area to earn enough income to pay for all of their recurring living expenses. But when a person's health leaves them unable to maintain full-time employment, they may feel that they have little hope for being able to keep up with their bills. For people who suffer a long-term injury or illness that renders them unfit to work, this problem can quickly become a terrible reality.