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Can a seizure disorder qualify as a disability?

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2016 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Illness

Electrical signals are important to the proper functioning of all parts of the human body, and the brain is no exception. While electrical signals in the brain are essential, sometimes these signals can go awry. How are electrical signals related to seizures, and what effects can seizures have on a person’s life?

A seizure occurs when a person experiences a surge in the brain’s electrical activity. These electrical surges in the brain are a result of temporary imbalances between brain cells that send messages and those than inhibit messages. Seizures are a symptom of various disorders that can affect the brain, and not all seizures are the same. Some seizures have little effect on the person, but others can be disabling. Houston residents who are unable to work due to a seizure disorder may qualify for SSD benefits.

If a person has just one seizure, that does not necessarily mean that more will follow. Roughly half of the people who have one seizure will have another one; but this is only true where the first seizure was from an unknown cause. By contrast, if a person suffers a seizure as a result of a known cause, like a brain injury, the person is two times as likely to have another one. Moreover, once a person has had two seizures, the chances that they will have more are about 80 percent.

Epilepsy is a specific type of seizure disorder, and it is the fourth most common neurological disorder among people of all ages. Because the seizures associated with epilepsy can be disabling, some people who suffer from epilepsy may not be able to hold down a regular job. Accordingly, the Social Security Administration has recognized epilepsy as a qualifying condition for Social Security Disability benefits.

Seizures can make ordinary life a challenge for those who suffer from epilepsy. As with any other claim for SSD benefits for illness, applicants should thoroughly understand the entire process before trying to get benefits.

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