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The Social security disability system is not always user-friendly

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2016 | Social Security Disability

When a person has a disability and can no longer work at their regular job, it can result in a variety of difficulties for the disabled person and their family. People in this situation often have to deal with the practical difficulties of trying to pay their normal living expenses without getting income from a job. But equally as difficult, they also have to face the psychological impact of not being able to work and provide for themselves and their family.

Social Security Disability Insurance is designed to help people who are in this tough situation. Workers pay into the disability system through payroll tax contributions throughout their career. Thus, if a person has a long enough work history, they can be eligible to get disability benefits if they become unable to work. But the SSDI system is not always easy to navigate and understand.

Our Houston law firm knows that when a disability keeps someone from working, the stress of dealing with day-to-day life can be difficult enough. Wrangling with the Social Security Administration to try to get SSD benefits can add to this stress. Attorney David Dopkin has helped thousands of Social Security claimants, and understands how to relieve them from some of the pressures involved in moving a disability claim forward.

A person’s best chance to secure benefits is through the initial application. This is why it is so imperative to provide the SSA all of the information it needs to approve benefits. However, sometimes the SSA does not approve a claim even though the applicant’s circumstances may meet all of the requirements. David Dopkin can also help people appeal a denial of Social Security benefits.

Our firm’s website has answers to many common questions regarding SSD benefits. We can help people at all stages of the process, from the initial application to appealing a denied claim. Dealing with a disability is difficult enough without the added pressures of trying to figure out how to secure disability benefits.