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Backlogs can delay SSD benefits for a work-related injury

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2016 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries

When someone suffers an accident injury and they are unable to work, they may lose their income. Of course, just because a person is injured and can’t work doesn’t mean that their monthly bills stop coming. Moreover, they may have to contend with medical expenses related to the injury. While not necessarily restricted to people with an earnings history, Social Security Disability benefits for injuries are designed to help those people who cannot work because of an injury.

Attorney David Dopkin has devoted his legal career to helping people with a variety of issues related to their SSD claims and benefits. We know that people who are injured and cannot work need help to cover their lost wages and medical expenses, and they need that help quickly.

Because the entire Social Security system currently faces so many backlogs, wait times to secure benefits can be extreme. Likewise, appealing a denied claim can take many months of valuable time that a claimant cannot afford. Our firm understands this, and we push to move a claimant’s case through the system as efficiently as possible.

The website for our Houston-based firm has a variety of helpful information for people who are looking to learn more about SSD benefits for injured workers and other topics related to SSD benefits. This information is a good starting point for injured workers who need benefits to pay their bills. Our firm is here to help SSD claimants, just as we have helped many other people for more than two decades of practicing this area of law throughout Texas.