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July 2016 Archives

New study questions old thinking about deadly form of cancer

Many people in Houston have probably had some experience with cancer. Whether a person has had cancer, or knows a friend or family member who has had cancer, this frightening disease touches millions of people in one way or another. Advances in medicine are improving treatments for many forms of cancer, but it can still be a debilitating and deadly disease.

What reasons does the SSA cite for denying disability claims?

Social Security Disability Insurance is supposed to help people who have a mental or physical illness, or an injury, that prevents them from working and earning a living. The SSDI system helps millions of people who depend on their monthly disability payments to help pay for their living expenses. However, just like any other large-scale government program, SSDI is not perfect.

SSI benefits may be available with retirement benefits

Individuals over the age of 65 are likely either retired from work, or are at least thinking about retirement. For many people, however, retirement may not seem like a realistic option because they don't have sufficient savings or income. Likewise, Social Security retirement benefits may not be enough to cover the retiree's monthly living expenses. In such cases, Supplemental Security Income benefits may be an option.

Are migraines really a common illness and potential disability?

In last week's post, this blog covered the Social Security Administration's Listing of Impairments. Specifically, it discussed conditions like migraine headaches and the fact that, just because that particular condition is not included on the Listing of Impairments, does not mean that a person suffering from migraines won't qualify for Social Security Disability benefits for illness. But how big of a problem are migraine headaches, and can they really render a person disabled when it comes to working?