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On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2016 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Mental Conditions

Illnesses and injuries plague the bodies of Texas workers and prevent them from doing the jobs they were trained to perform. When such impairments keep a person out of his employment and without a means of earning an income, that individual may have the right to apply for Social Security Disability benefits through the Social Security Administration.

However, not all readers of this Houston SSD blog may know that individuals who suffer from mental illnesses may also have rights to pursue disability benefits. In fact, the Social Security Administration has a detailed evaluation that it performs in order to determine if a person qualifies for disability benefits based on a stated mental illness or condition.

Not all mental illnesses and disabilities qualify workers for SSD benefits, and even workers who suffer from qualifying illnesses like schizophrenia and memory impairments may have their benefits claims denied if their illnesses have not endured for the amount of time required by the Social Security Administration. Individuals who are unable to work due to their mental illnesses and disabilities can, however, actively pursue benefits and may choose to do so with the help of a disability benefits attorney.

David Dopkin, attorney at law, serves the residents of the greater Houston metropolitan area and provides a comprehensive legal practice focused on Social Security disability benefits. He works directly with clients to help them understand the requirements that the Social Security Administration imposes on benefits applicants and additionally supports clients who have had their initial applications denied. Attorney Dopkin is available to meet with new clients and invites readers of this blog to visit his website to learn more about filing a mental disability claim with the Social Security Administration.