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SSD benefits can be a backstop when illness strikes

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2016 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Illness

Too many people throughout the U.S. are hampered by illnesses. Medicine and lifestyle changes can enable many of these people to minimize the effects that these conditions have on their daily lives. For some, however, their illness is disabling and touches on almost every aspect of life, including their ability to work.

These kinds of debilitating health issues can include conditions that seem to occur abruptly, like cancer. But they can also include those that develop over time, like heart disease and certain work-related illnesses. Under either set of circumstances, the person suffering from illness may be able to qualify for financial help through Social Security Disability benefits for illness.

SSD benefits are a kind of backstop for people who are sick and cannot work to support themselves or their family. For the past 25 years, Houston attorney David Dopkin has been helping people secure these Social Security benefits. Our law firm’s website has more information about David Dopkin and about the legal aspects of SSD benefits.

The various pages of our website can be a helpful starting point for people who need general information about Social Security Disability. Now more than ever, it is important to have legal help when seeking benefits or when appealing a denial of benefits. Like other public programs, SSD can prove to be a confusing maze of forms and requirements that can overwhelm people who need benefits. Also, as this blog has covered in other posts, Social Security’s funding is under seemingly endless pressure, and its customer service has been diminishing as a result. An experienced attorney can help disabled individuals navigate the system more efficiently and, hopefully, successfully.

Nobody wants to get sick, but for some people, illness is a part of life, and it can stop them from doing the things that they otherwise would be able to do. When an illness prevents a person from working, they should research whether they may be able to qualify for SSD benefits.