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Health insurer’s report shows prevalence of mental disorders

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2016 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Mental Conditions

Mental health is a vital component of living a balanced and productive life. Although it can be easy to take good mental health for granted, most people in Houston can probably still appreciate just how important mental health is to their daily lives. On the other hand, what may not be as obvious is how many people in the country suffer from mental illness or disorders.

Recently, health insurer Blue Cross and Blue Shield (“BCBS”) published information about mental problems that are affecting people’s lives. The company used data from its members, which number more than 40 million, to compile a health index that shows how certain conditions affect people’s quality of life. The people who worked on the index looked at data points for more than 200 conditions. Out of those conditions, mental issues including depression and anxiety were at the top of the list with regard to how they reduce people’s health.

The president of the American Psychiatric Association stated that the new report shows how crucial mental health is, and the need for people throughout the country to have access to mental healthcare. Along those lines, Congress may soon try to do something about mental health reform.

This new report by BCBS may help to raise awareness about how common certain mental health issues have become. Moreover, if Congress can shine a light on this topic and pass legislation, that could be a big help for people who have mental health problems. Regardless, many people who are in this situation need help now.

When a person is unable to work and earn a living due to a mental disorder, he or she may be able to qualify for help through Social security disability benefits for mental conditions. Whether individuals suffer from anxiety attacks or some other condition, they should look into their options for filing a mental disability claim.

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