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Serious illness can leave Houston residents looking for answers

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2017 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Illness

Houston residents know the meaning of hard work, and many are willing to sacrifice other facets of their lives to put in long hours on the job. No matter how dedicated and hard-working a person is, however, nobody is immune to the effects that a serious illness can have on his or her everyday life. In some cases, a serious health problem like cancer or heart disease can leave a person unable to work.

Not being able to work can take a tremendous emotional toll on people. It can leave them asking all kinds of unanswerable questions, and feeling like they can no longer care for their families or even themselves. Attorney David Dopkin knows the difficulties that a person can face when struggling with an illness that prevents the individual from working. While people in this situation have to change their lives to deal with their sicknesses, they should not also have to be burdened with worrying about paying their medical and living expenses.

The website for David Dopkin’s law firm has information about how Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can help people who are sick and cannot work for an extended period of time. Whether a person is suffering from a work-related illness or some other disease that was not acquired while on the job, Attorney Dopkin has experience navigating every aspect of the benefits process.

Securing SSD benefits for illness is not always simple and straightforward. David Dopkin has counseled people in Houston not only regarding the federal regulations related to their claims, but he has also helped them understand and overcome the potential roadblocks that they may face when trying to get benefits.

Handling the medical expenses and possible long-term care required to fight a serious illness can leave a person and his or her family feeling completely drained. David Dopkin has experience helping people in this position get SSD benefits that they need while they are unable to work.