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What if I need a special examination for SSI-related benefits?

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2017 | Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

Texans who are in sufficient financial need, are blind, aged or disabled can seek Supplemental Security Income from the Social Security disability program. To receive SSI-related benefits, the claimant must also meet the medical requirements. In some instances, there is a need for a special medical examination or a test to be given to make a final determination as to whether the claimant qualifies.

The Disability Determination Services will make the decision for the Social Security Administration. When more information is needed, they will request that there be the special examination or the test. The SSA will pay for this and for the travel expenses. If the doctor who performs the exam or the test is not the claimant’s regular doctor, the tests can be sent to the claimant’s regular doctor upon request. The claimant is responsible to have the examination or test and fully cooperate. A claimant who does not keep the appointment might have the claim denied. It is important to inform the SSA about being unable to keep the appointment the agency scheduled.

The medical professional who is conducting the test or examination will only seek certain information that the DDS has asked for. This medical professional will not have any say in the approval or denial of the claim – the role is simply to do as asked by the DDS. The report will be sent to the DDS. The information will be reviewed along with the other information from the claim and a decision will be made. For claimants who have been denied SSI claims in any circumstance, it is possible to file an appeal.

While it might be intimidating to be informed that a special examination is needed for SSI-related benefits, it does not necessarily mean that the claim will be denied because of it. For those who are seeking SSI benefits, a lawyer can give advice regarding a special examination and help from the beginning of the case until its conclusion.

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