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Photo of David Dopkin

We help Texans with severe back injuries get benefits

On Behalf of | Feb 24, 2017 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries

Those who have never suffered from a “bad back” might not realize how seriously debilitating a back injury can be for a Houston, Texas resident. Although the severity of back injuries vary, the more severe injuries can leave a Houston resident unable to work even in an office environment, that is, of course, assuming the end result of the injury is not paralysis.

Many Texans work at occupations where it is relatively easy to suffer a significant back injury, including construction, oil refining and the chemical industry. Many workers who once held these jobs come to us when a severe job-related back injury has sidelined them from work. These people may need Social Security Disability Benefits for injuries in order to survive.

Although we cannot promise results in every case, we are relentless advocates for our clients who will make every effort to get them the benefits they need and deserve following a spinal cord or other back injury that leaves them unable to hold a job. Getting benefits is not always an easy task for injured workers, as the Social Security Administration can and often will deny a claim for benefits when it first receives one.

However, following a denial, our office will check over available medical records thoroughly with the help of experts with whom we work closely. We will develop a strategy so that the Administration or Administrative Law Judge will be able to see a victim’s disability “on paper.” We also use vocational experts and others to document that the back injury in question prevents our client from working even when an employer make some accommodations. In short, we are up to the challenge of helping Texas residents get financial help during their disabilities.