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On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2017 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries

Suffering a disabling health condition is oftentimes something that Texas residents are not prepared to deal with. When an accident leaves an individual seriously harmed, it can become rather challenging to return to normal life. This is especially true when an individual is unable to work because of a disabling injury. A permanent or temporary disability not only means living with pain and suffering associated with the condition, but also means not being able to afford the basic needs in life. Those living with disabilities often seek out financial support through programs sponsored by the Social Security Administration.

Social Security Disability benefits are very helpful for those living with a disability caused by an injury or illness. These payments can meet the financial needs of an individual, helping them pay for medical care, food and shelter. At our law firm, we do our best to help our clients with initial applications, a reconsideration or appealing a decision by the SSA. We are devoted to helping those in the Houston area understand their rights and navigate these actions.

Our law firm attempts to help our clients determine whether they qualify for SSDI benefits or SSI benefits. For those seeking SSDI benefits, one must have enough work credits, usually 10 years of work, in order to qualify. If one does not have enough work credits, we are prepared to help our clients understand what other options are afforded to them. The SSI program – Supplemental Security Income – was designed to help those living with a disability with a limited income. In these matters, applicants must have evidence of their financial situation.

Our goal is to ensure our clients’ applications and appeals are detailed and complete. We do our best to help our clients collect the necessary medical records, testimony and documents in order to prove that they meet the SSA’s definition of “disability.” To learn more, please visit the Social Security disability benefits for injuries section of our law firm’s website. An injury, no matter the cause, could be the source of a disabling condition.