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October 2017 Archives

Alarming new liver disease statistics for young Texas residents

A disturbing new report was published recently that will be of concern to our Houston readers. The report concerns the rapid increase in certain types of liver disease among younger folks, once thought of as a low risk group for the illness.

Houston residents to see increase in SSI benefits next year

Last week, the Social Security Administration made an important announcement of which our Houston readers should be aware. The news will affect those receiving Supplemental Security Income as well as other benefits from Social Security.

Qualifying for SSD benefits based on autism

There is no question that more individuals are being properly diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders here in Texas as well as throughout the rest of the United States. While some individuals who suffer from these disabilities are able to function in society and hold down the jobs that help them pay their bills and care for themselves, others are incapable of performing these necessary actions for self-sufficiency. As such, the Social Security Administration recognizes autism spectrum disorders in its list of disabilities that may permit individuals to obtain disability benefits.

Deductible medical expenses and Social Security Disability

Many people who live with a disability are able to work and still receive Social Security Disability benefits. These programs exist to encourage disabled people to try their hand at working without having to worry about losing their disability benefits immediately. Many disabled people spend a large amount of money on medical expenses, however. Is there a way that Social Security deals with these expenses incurred by disabled people trying to work?

Reasons why your disability claim was denied

After a life-changing illness or injury that has left you in a position where you can no longer work at your Houston job, you may have decided to file for social security disability benefits. After fighting through what can sometimes be a long and difficult process, the Social Security Administration (SSA) finally responded to your claim. Unfortunately, they responded with a denial. Now what do you do?