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Changes to SSD benefits in 2018

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2018 | Social Security Disability

Millions of residents in Texas and elsewhere are unfortunately born with medical conditions, deeming him or her disabled. Others become disabled later in life due to injuries or illnesses suffered. Whether a person is born with a disability or acquired one later in life, these conditions can significantly impact a person’s ability to lead a normal life, care for him or herself or even maintain a job. Thus, these individuals will apply for Social Security disability in hopes of receiving benefits.

Much talk surrounds Social Security disability benefits and whether individuals seeking these benefits will be approved and be able to timely receive financial assistance. Thus far, there is some promise in 2018 for those applying for SSD benefits.

To begin, the threshold for SSD benefits is rising. This means that the maximum amount of income a recipient can earn while collecting disability benefits has gone up slightly this year. For blind recipients, it has gone up to $1,970 from $1950, and for non-blind recipients, it has gone up from $1,170 to $1,180.

Supplemental Security Income payments have also increased. SSI payments are based on standard amount payments, and this standard has increased in 2018. For an individual, it has gone up from $735 to $750. For a couple, it has gone up from $1,103 to $1,125.

Although there is much talk about Social Security running out by 2034, this year the changes to the SSD benefits have not caused individuals seeking or receiving benefits negative outcomes. Thus, one should never be deterred from applying for these benefits, even if they are initially denied. For many, these benefits are absolutely necessary and the only way they can make ends meet.

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