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How much in SSI benefits could a recipient in Texas receive?

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2018 | Supplemental Security Income

Supplemental Security Income helps Texas residents who are unable to maintain substantial gainful employment of any kind, yet do not have a significant enough work history to be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. Many stay-at-home parents are in this boat, for example. How much in benefits could an SSI recipient receive?

Supplemental Security Income recipients with no income may be eligible to receive the maximum federal SSI payment. For the year 2018, the maximum monthly SSI payment for an individual is $750. This is a $15 increase over last year’s maximum of $735 for an individual. For couples, the maximum monthly SSI payment for 2018 is $1,125. This is $22 more than 2017’s maximum of $1,103 per month. When a recipient has some income, but less than the monthly income limit, they receive SSI benefits but they receive an amount less than the monthly maximum payment.

People may not be eligible for SSI benefits if their monthly income exceeds the monthly income limits. For an individual whose income is only from wages, that monthly income limit for this year is $1,585. An individual whose income is not from wages has a monthly income limit of $770. For couples whose income is only from wages, their monthly maximum this year is $2,335. Couples whose income is not from wages have a monthly income limit of $1,145.

These are not the only benefits available to SSI recipients. Individuals who qualify for SSI are able to receive health care benefits through Medicaid. There may be benefits available for disabled children as well.

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