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Seeking Social Security benefits while fighting cancer

On Behalf of | May 2, 2018 | Firm News

When people who suffer a debilitating illness qualify to receive Social Security Disability benefits, they may find such benefits to be an important source of help in covering expenses. However, the process of applying for SSD is often more complicated and difficult than many people realize, resulting in scores of frustrated, disappointed applicants who do not receive the benefits they may qualify to receive.

In many cases, individuals who may ultimately qualify for benefits receive denials to their applications, simply because of the nature of the system. More often than one might think, the denial of a claim is simply a common step in the process, and one that applicants must push past.

If you suffer from a debilitating form of cancer, you may qualify for benefits, and you may want to pursue this opportunity fully. Simply understand that you may face more hurdles along the way than you might expect. Do not get too discouraged if you receive a denial in the beginning of an application, since most applications receive denials, even if the applicants ultimately receive the benefits they deserve. With careful planning and pursuit, you may receive the benefits you deserve, even if the chances seem slim now.

Cancer is often debilitating

Cancer is a common disease, but SSD benefits for cancer victims are not automatic. Among other things, this is because cancer is not “one size fits all.” While some cancer victims must remain in bed or close to it, others functionally operate in their profession and otherwise lead normal lives.

If you hope to receive SSD benefits because of cancer, you must document in detail the ways that your cancer keeps you from being able to work.

Treatments may also prove debilitating

For many cancer victims, the means of fighting the disease contribute to the debilitating effects they experience. Chemotherapy and radiation treatments are two common treatments, both of which often inflict severe adverse effects on their victims.

Should your cancer treatment disable you, make sure that you fully document the results and build a compelling case for your claim. A properly constructed claim and careful navigation of this complex system can go a long way toward securing the SSD benefits that you deserve.

Be sure to consider all the legal tools available to you while you work your way through your applications and potential denials, to ensure that you do not miss important opportunities to secure the benefits you need