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Social Security’s compassionate allowance list

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2018 | Social Security Disability

Individuals who have looked into applying for Social Security Disability benefits may have found statistics related to the wait times they may face after submitting their applications. While it is true that a Texas resident may have to wait some time prior to learning if their claim has been approved or rejected, some applicants may experience an expedited review based on their particular medical conditions. Certain ailments are granted compassionate allowance status and approved quickly to provide those who are suffering with the help that they need.

The Social Security Administration maintains a list of aliments that are approved for the compassionate allowance consideration process. Many of these ailments are terminal conditions, such as aggressive forms of cancer, rare pediatric conditions and other serious medical disorders. If a person’s ailment does not appear on the compassionate allowance list, and they believe that it should be there, they may submit the name of their condition for consideration to the agency.

If a person has a disease or disorder included on the compassionate allowance list then they have met the Social Security Administration’s definition of having a disability. This hurdle is often a roadblock to receiving benefits for many applicants, and the compassionate allowance list gives those individuals who are suffering a shortened wait time between applying and receiving benefits.

A Social Security Disability benefits attorney can be a strong advocate for a person who needs to apply for disability help from the Social Security Administration. Whether the individual’s condition is on the compassionate allowance list, an attorney who works in this field can support them as they work toward getting the help they require to live their life.