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Traumatic brain injuries and a person’s rights to disability help

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2018 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries, often known as TBI, can be caused by two different types of events. First, TBI may result if a person suffers a serious blow or impact to their head, such as may happen in a fall or vehicle collision. Second, a TBI may occur if a person experiences a penetration injury to their head, such as from being impaled or shot with a gun.

Suffering a TBI can be a serious hardship on a Texas resident because not all TBI will allow victims to fully recover. While mild TBI experiences like minor concussions may remedy without any day-to-day lasting consequences, severe TBI events may leave victims impaired and unable to perform basic tasks for the rest of their lives.

A TBI may be viewed as a disability under the definition of the term as provided by the Social Security Administration but as with all considerations specific cases must be evaluated on their own merits as TBI does not receive universal approval for those who are seeking disability benefits. Proving that one’s TBI condition is a disability for the purposes of receiving disability benefits may be done with medical evidence, evaluations and the assistance of a disability benefits attorney.

Certain injuries are so serious that they may alter the course of their victims’ lives forever. A traumatic brain injury can be just that type of injury if it is significant and forces a victim to live with the consequences of their harm for their lifetime. While this post offers no legal or medical advice, readers are encouraged to learn more about their disability rights when TBI occur.