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Paralysis and an applicant’s eligibility for disability benefits

On Behalf of | Jul 19, 2018 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries

The Social Security Administration offers two benefits programs that can provide much-needed assistance to men and women who have qualifying disabilities. The key to securing support from these two programs, which are Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income, is proving that the applicant’s condition is a disability as recognized by the Social Security Administration. Texas residents who suffer from paralysis may be able to demonstrate their compliance with this definition and receive the help they need when their ailments prevent them from working.

Paralysis is a serious physical condition that limits movement in a person’s body. It occurs when a victim suffers an injury to their spinal cord, and a person may lose sensations and movement in their body below the site of their spinal cord trauma. Injuries that occur in victims’ necks and upper bodies can result in paralysis of their arms, legs and torsos.

The Social Security Administration generally requires three months of evidence regarding an applicant’s request for disability benefits based on paralysis to determine if they are truly disabled and eligible for support. However, paralysis due to a completely severed spinal cord may allow an applicant to get benefits faster as such injuries are so significant that they may warrant immediate action.

A victim of a spinal cord injury and subsequent paralysis must face an uphill battle for the remainder of their life. If they cannot work that hill may become a mountain and practically impossible for them to scale on their own. With the help of a disability benefits attorney, a paralysis victim may take important steps toward securing the help they need to overcome their obstacles.