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What is a Quick Disability Determination?

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2018 | Social Security Disability

When a Texas resident becomes unable to work their income may come to a stop. However, that does not mean that their mortgage, bills and other financial obligations will also cease. It is when a person lacks the capacity to work and their expenses begin to mount that they may run into significant financial hardship.

Readers of this blog know that the Social Security Administration offers different programs that assist men, women and children who cannot work with getting benefits and financial help when they suffer from qualifying injuries and illnesses. In some cases, though, individuals who apply and qualify for benefits have to wait long periods of time in order to start receiving the help they need.

When applicants suffer from severe disabilities their claims for benefits may be fast-tracked in the Social Security Administration’s Quick Disability Determination (QDD) track. Applications subject to QDD may be approved at an expedited pace so that the applicants do not have to endure long waits in order to get their benefits or financial help.

The QDD program relies on a predictive model that helps the Social Security Administration identify qualifying applications early on after they arrive for review. Not all claims can be processed as QDD and therefore it is beneficial for applicants to prepare their requests for Social Security benefits and financial assistance in the most compelling way possible.

Attorneys who work in the disability benefits field may be able to help their clients draft comprehensive applications that support QDD fast-tracking. To better understand QDD and the disability benefits application process as a whole, readers are encouraged to speak with disability benefits legal professionals.