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Will a consultative examination be needed for my SSD benefits?

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2018 | Social Security Disability

Texans who are injured or have a condition that they believe warrants Social Security disability benefits must remember that there are many factors the Social Security Administration must consider before granting an approval. If there is the need for more information or a step is not followed, the applicant could be denied Social Security. For some, there could be the need for a consultative examination to help the SSA come to a decision on whether to provide SSD benefits or not. Knowing when this might be needed and what it entails is a key to a case.

The following situations might make it necessary for there to be a consultative examination: if more evidence is needed because there is not sufficient evidence for a determination to be made; for medical findings to be provided in greater detail; if there is a need for specialized or increased technical medical information; if there is a dispute about the medical findings that have been made; if there is a dispute as to whether the person is capable of performing substantial gainful activity or, for those under 18, the ability to function as children without impairments do.

The consultative examination will be conducted by the applicant’s medical source. There is a chance that the SSA will want a different medical source. If travel is necessary, the SSA will pay for it. The SSA will also pay for the consultative examination itself. Applicants should remember that they should not refuse the consultative examination unless there is a good reason for doing so. If there is a refusal, the SSA will decide based on the information it has. Since the consultative examination was deemed necessary, it is likely that the applicant will be denied Social Security disability if the person does not take the consultative examination as requested.

A significant part of being approved for SSD benefits is adhering to the requests of the SSA. If the consultative examination is needed, it does not automatically mean there is a problem with the case. It just means that more information is required. When there is confusion, concern or any other issue with seeking Social Security disability benefits, having legal assistance is critical. Calling a lawyer who specializes in SSD benefits can help.