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Planning for financial survival while waiting for Social Security

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2018 | Firm News

Social Security and Social Security Disability both help people who cannot earn a wage to support themselves. These very necessary programs provide a lifeline to thousands of Americans each year. Unfortunately, there is usually a long waiting period for Social Security Disability benefits.

Even in the simplest of circumstances, applicants can find themselves waiting up to two years for the approval of their application. If the situation involves a denial and an appeal, it could take even longer. During that time, individuals will struggle to support themselves financially. Thankfully, there are some options available to those waiting for disability income.

Creative ways to support yourself while waiting for disability approval

If you can’t work, earning money can be incredibly difficult. However, there are likely some creative options that can help you keep your household afloat while you wait for the approval of your disability benefits.

The first option is to use free classifieds and online listing services to sell old books and movies, as well as unwanted furniture and other items. You may be able to generate a steady stream of income, while also de-cluttering your house. If you don’t have many items that you want to re-sell, your computer and internet connection could help you generate some income.

There are many part-time employment and gig opportunities online. These could include transcribing video for closed captioning services, teaching English via video chat to people in other countries or even working as a remote customer service representative. With a little bit of searching, you may be able to secure a part-time opportunity that provides some income while allowing you to work from home in a safe environment.

Finally, you might want to consider asking your friends and family for help. While it can be incredibly humbling to reach out to others for financial assistance, the people who love you will surely understand the situation you are in. Whether you choose to start a GoFundMe page or negotiate a short-term loan that you will repay when your benefits start, there are many ways to turn the social support of friends and loved ones into financial support.

Prepare for the potential of a long wait

Understanding that it can take many months, even two years, to finally receive your approval for Social Security Disability benefits can help you plan. Take some time to work out a budget and see what opportunities you may have to minimize your daily and monthly expenses. Look into whatever money you have in liquid savings, as well as other assets and resources you can count on to support you during this wait.

You should also do everything you can to ensure that your claim receives quick approval after the waiting period. That may include working with an attorney, who can help ensure that your application is thorough and accurate. In the situations that involve a denial and appeal, an attorney can help you develop a strategy for your appeal.