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What are Quick Disability Determinations for SSD benefits?

On Behalf of | May 30, 2019 | Social Security Disability

Readers of this Houston-based disability benefits blog may know that it can sometimes take a long time for individuals who qualify for Social Security disability benefits to be approved after they have submitted their applications. When questions arise or delays happen, individuals may find themselves waiting months or even years to learn if their claim for benefits has been accepted. During that time they are likely missing out on the financial support they require to live independently and at an adequate standard.

The Social Security Administration has implemented several programs that speed up the review and approval process for some disability benefits applicants. One of those programs is Quick Disability Determinations (QDD). The QDD process looks at several factors to make fast approvals on claims that may otherwise sit as they wait for review by the Social Security Administration.

One factor that the QDD process takes into consideration is whether the condition on which the applicant has applied for benefits is one in which an approval would likely occur. The second factor of relevance to the QDD process is whether an application contains enough medical evidence to demonstrate that a claim will be supported by data.

Not all disability benefits claims that are sent to the Social Security Administration will be considered under the QDD process. Preparing a claim that meets the standards set forth for the process can be difficult, but those whose claims are processed as QDD may receive a decision much faster than those whose applications must pass through the general review procedures. Talking to an attorney who works in the disability benefits field of law may give a reader a better understanding of how their claim may be reviewed.