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SSD benefits and the importance of the Listing of Impairments

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2019 | Social Security Disability

Texans who are suffering from an illness, condition or disability might want to apply for Social Security disability benefits. When considering the options for applying and determining if the requirements are met, it is easy to ignore the basics. However, if the application is denied, it is frequently due to a basic mistake. To prevent these avoidable errors, it is wise to understand those basics and to have legal assistance from the beginning from an experienced SSD benefits attorney. Before moving forward with a claim, it is wise to know the importance of the Listing of Impairments.

The Social Security Administration uses the listings to account for the applicant’s entire bodily system. If the person has an illness, condition or disability that is on the listings, he or she must also be unable to perform gainful activity. Most conditions listed will either be permanent or lead to the person’s death. It can also have an expected duration. The other listings must have evidence indicating that it lasted or will last for a minimum of 12 months. There are two parts on the listings: A and B.

For Part A, there will be medical criteria that is used to evaluate the impairments for those 18 and older. There are different rules when applying for benefits for children, but in general the evaluation for children can also use Part A if it is similar in how it impacts children and adults. For Part B, there are medical requirements that are used for children. With the listings, it is part of the process as there are five steps in the sequential evaluation. Once the person has shown that he or she is disabled based on the listings, then the case can move forward. Even if a person’s disability, illness or condition is not specifically listed, there could be a comparable issue that allows the approval of SSD benefits.

SSD benefits are an integral part of a person’s life if there is a disability that prevents them from holding a regular job and they need medical care. To avoid a denied claim when all the pieces are in place to get an approval, it is important to have legal advice from the beginning. A Social Security disability law firm can be of immense assistance and should be consulted with from the outset.