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SSI benefits are available to people over 65

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2019 | Supplemental Security Income

Although this blog has discussed it before, it is important for Houston, Texas residents to be reminded from time to time that one does not always have to have a disability in order to qualify for Supplemental Security Income, or SSI.

Indeed, a Houston resident who has turned 65 years old, even if she is otherwise perfectly healthy, can qualify for Supplemental Security Income. SSI benefits are available to individuals over 65 who otherwise meet the legal requirements for receiving this benefit.

SSI can prove very helpful to a person who may have not had the opportunity to pay much money into the Social Security system and who thus has limited benefits available to them. For example, someone who spent their whole life staying home and raising their children or grandchildren may indeed have worked hard in life, but still have no official credit for the work, at least when it comes to Social Security.

Likewise, many people in Houston, for whatever reason, may have not saved up enough money for their retirement, and thus will need extra financial support once they are no longer able to hold down a steady job just because of their age.

As we’ve discussed before, someone wishing to qualify for SSI benefits still must be able to prove that her income, and the value of their assets, are low enough so that they meet the legal threshold for receiving benefits. While someone on SSI is allowed to own some property, including some interest in a home, in other situations, they may have to choose between hanging on to an asset and drawing benefits.

A Houston resident over 65 who feels like SSI benefits could help him should consider speaking to an experienced attorney.