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How to appeal a Supplemental Security determination

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2019 | Supplemental Security Income

Applying for and receiving disability benefits can be essential. Just as it is true of Social Security disability, applicants for Supplemental Security Income have the option to appeal if they do not agree with the decision made by the Social Security Administration or SSA regarding their benefits. In the case of Supplemental Security Income, the applicant can appeal the SSA’s decision concerning benefits and the amount of benefit the disabled individual will receive.

When the Social Security Administration has denied a disabled applicant Supplemental Security Income or made changes to their benefit amount, they may have the option to ask the SSA to take a look at their application again. The first step in the appeals process is a request for reconsideration when the disabled applicant asks the Social Security Administration to take a second look at their case. The disabled applicant can ask the SSA to re-visit if they are eligible for benefits and the amount of benefit they should receive and any overpayment may also be reviewed.

There are other steps that are also part of the Supplemental Security Income appeals process including an appeal before an administrative law judge, which is the second step, a request for an Appeals Council Review and an appeal made to the federal courts as the last resort. Supplemental Security Income is based on the need and limited income and resources of the applicant, which is why it is useful to be familiar with how to apply for benefits and how to appeal a decision the disabled applicant disagrees with.

Supplemental Security Income can be an important resource for some of the most vulnerable individuals. Given the importance of these benefits, it is helpful to know what to do if they have been denied.