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How SSD benefits can help those with disabling injuries

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2019 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries

For disabled individuals who have suffered a serious head, neck or back injury and are unable to work as a result, Social Security disability benefits may be of life-saving importance to them. Social Security disability benefits for injuries can help disabled individuals suffering from catastrophic injuries such as back, neck and spinal cord injuries, with their daily needs during a difficult time.

One way disabled individuals may suffer serious injuries of this nature is on the job. Workers can be injured in oil refinery and construction accidents as well as in the petrol chemical industry. Disabled individuals can also suffer these types of injuries in car accidents and other types of traumatic accidents and wind up disabled as a result. For disabled individuals who are unable to return to their old job or adjust to a lighter duty job because of their injuries, Social Security disability (SSD) benefits may be one answer to consider.

To qualify for Social Security disability benefits, the disabled applicant must demonstrate that they suffer from a disabling medical condition that is severe enough that it prevents them from working in any type of gainful employment. The medical condition also cannot be considered temporary according to the Social Security Administration definitions. At times, if the claim for benefits has been denied, it may also be necessary to appeal the denial of benefits. To both apply for disability benefits, and appeal a denied claim for benefits, disabled individuals should know how to be prepared with their medical records and know how to develop them in areas where it is needed to present a clearer picture of their disability and application.

Preparing a claim for Social Security disability benefits, or appealing a denied claim, can require work with medical and vocational professionals to ensure the applicant is presenting the strongest claim possible. As a result, disabled individuals can benefit from having trained guidance through their application journey for Social Security disability benefits for the injuries they suffer from.