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Prepare for a Social Security disability hearing

On Behalf of | Oct 11, 2019 | Social Security Disability

One important part of the Social Security disability process is the Social Security disability (SSD) hearing which can be part of the appeals process or the initial application process depending on the state where the applicant is applying for SSD benefits. Being prepared for the hearing and knowing what to expect can help the disabled applicant be more at ease during the Social Security disability hearing process.

A Social Security disability hearing is before an administrative law judge and it is important for disabled applicants to keep in mind that they should be truthful and avoid exaggeration during the hearing. The hearing can have an impact on a determination of benefits that the disabled applicant needs. As a result, the disabled applicant should be prepared for questions related to their medical condition and work history which is what the eligibility requirements Social Security disability benefits are based on.

The disabled applicant should expect questions related to their medical condition, including their medical records, symptoms, pain level and any medications and possible side effects of those medications; their medical history; their physical and mental abilities; employment history; training and education; and day-to-day activities. Because eligibility for Social Security disability is based on a qualifying medical condition that is severe enough that it prevents the disabled individual from engaging in gainful employment, the disabled applicant should be prepared to discuss these topics.

Social Security disability benefits can be essential for the daily support of disabled individuals which is why they should be familiar with the disability application and appeals processes. In addition, they should also know what to expect from their Social Security disability hearing.