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Who qualifies for Supplemental Security Income?

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2019 | Supplemental Security Income

Qualifying for Supplemental Security Income may be important for disabled individuals and their families who rely on the benefits. As a result, those considering applying for Supplemental Security Income should be familiar with eligibility requirements and how to qualify for benefits.

Disabled individuals, those over age 65 or the blind, may all qualify for Supplemental Security Income. Supplemental Security Income, unlike Social Security disability benefits, is based on need so, to be eligible, the disabled individual must have limited income and resources. The current income limit to be eligible for Supplemental Security income is $771 for an individual and $1,157 for a couple. The Social Security Administration maintains a list of what it considers income for purposes of Supplemental Security Income eligibility so it is important for disabled applicants to be familiar with what types of income will be evaluated and taken into account.

In addition to countable income, the Social Security Administration also evaluates the disabled applicant’s countable resources which does not include their home, car or household goods but instead evaluates financial assets that could be turned into cash. For individuals, the amount of countable resources to qualify for Supplemental Security Income cannot exceed $2,000 for an individual or $3,000 for a couple.

Knowing who qualifies for Supplemental Security Income and how to qualify can be invaluable for disabled individuals and their families seeking help through Supplemental Security Income. Understanding how to navigate the Supplemental Security Income application process is useful information for those who think they may qualify.