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We can help people who have hard-to-measure injuries

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2020 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Injuries

It can actually be easier on a Houston resident who suffers an injury if he or she has some visible symptom. For instance, broken bones and spinal cord injuries may show up on an x-ray or another medical test, and CT Scans or MRIs can detect traumatic brain injuries. In these cases, many people will almost take for granted that the victim was hurt seriously.

Many injuries leave little or no physical scars or injuries. While a person may seem fine in these cases, the reality is that he or she could still be suffering through severe and even debilitating pain. For instance, soft tissue injuries to one’s muscles, ligaments and the like can cause itching, burning sensations, numbness and other similar symptoms.

In bad cases, these injuries can mean the victim will need surgery in order to get pain relief and full range of motion. Sometimes, a person with a soft tissue injury, a pinched nerve or a related condition may not be able to return to work after the injury.

The problem with soft tissue injuries, from a Social Security perspective, is that these injuries can be hard to detect or to measure. Sadly, this means that more skeptical Social Security officials may be tempted to deny a valid claim simply because they cannot see proof of the injury and are unwilling to take the victim’s word for it.

Therefore, these types of claims take some special and delicate care in order to get approved. Part of the process will include compiling documentation and testimony needed to convince the Social Security Administration or an Administrative Law Judge to award benefits because of a person’s injury. Although hard to measure at times, an injury could really prevent the victim from returning to work.

Preparing a convincing case may require the assistance of an attorney who has experience handling Social Disability Benefits for injuries. A legal professional can help better explain the process and one’s rights, especially if one’s claim was initially denied.