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Some individuals with panic attacks qualify for disability

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2020 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Illness

Individuals are subject to a lot of stress. It’s no wonder that there are so many people that receive diagnoses for generalized anxiety disorders nowadays. Anyone that hasn’t learned the appropriate coping mechanisms to help regulate their emotions may develop panic attacks. This condition can interfere quite a bit with your Texas job. If your condition is severe enough that it makes it difficult for you to hold down a position, then you might qualify for disability benefits.

Anxiety that is so bad that it causes panic disorders, or agoraphobia, can affect you and your ability to remain gainfully employed on multiple levels.

You may have difficulty merely getting in a car and driving to your office building. You may worry about the demands that your Houston employer is going to place on your shoulders during your workday and how well-equipped you are to handle them. These are only two of many reasons that may cause you extreme anxiety and trigger panic attacks.

Individuals who are about to have a panic attack may experience a variety of symptoms, including a feeling that they’re going to suffocate, about to choke or have a heart attack. People who suffer from this condition can benefit from knowing what panic attack warning symptoms to look for, including butterflies in their stomachs, shaking, distorted thoughts, nervousness and anxiety.

People prone to panic attacks can often find ways to manage their symptoms by meditating at the start of their day, listening to relaxing music during their morning commute or performing breathing exercises. Other individuals may need to see a psychiatrist for medication to help them manage their anxiety.

Some people may find their anxiety and panic attacks so crippling that none of these solutions help. An attorney can help if your condition is so crippling that you can’t adequately perform any work-related tasks here in Houston without suffering a panic attack.