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Photo of David Dopkin

The complexity of applying for disability benefits

| Aug 26, 2020 | Social Security Disability

Getting disability benefits can take time. It can feel daunting as well because the process can be very complex. One reason for this is the strict definition of a disability in the Social Security Act. Some may feel they should qualify when they do not or may not understand that they do qualify even when they fit that definition. For most, this is their first and only time working with the system, so they have to learn as they go.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) recognizes how complicated this can be and the hurdles the process may create for applicants. Some potential issues include:

  • The complexities of the SSD program itself
  • The anxiety that applying can create
  • The various types of disabilities that may be involved
  • The comprehensive medical records often needed to prove a disability
  • The necessity of providing all the pertinent information and documentation
  • The fact that it could take months or years to qualify
  • The lengthy appeals process that some must use after getting denied

Along with that, many of those who get denied do not know why it happened. This can leave them feeling like there has been a mistake. They may still be unsure if they should accept it or appeal the decision. For instance, did they get denied because they simply forgot to send in some of the paperwork — a mistake they can rectify — or because they actually do not meet the definition of a disability? It can be difficult to determine.

What is clear is that experienced legal assistance may help with this process, especially during an appeal. Everyone needs to make sure they know what steps they can take and what options they have.