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Does your cancer treatment keep you from working?

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | Social Security Disability Benefits for Illness

If you’re diagnosed with cancer, you’re probably focused on getting the best possible treatment and seeking a cure. While we do not have an all-encompassing cure for all cancers at this time, treatment has gotten much better over the years and many cases can be cured. Many people live long, healthy lives for decades after diagnosis. 

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you can keep working — especially during treatment. Cancer can be rough on your ability to function normally, and the treatments you need for the disease can make it even harder. Regardless of the impact of the disease itself, the treatments for cancer can be very physically taxing.

Chemotherapy, for example, can leave you feeling sick and exhausted. It is helping to heal your body, but you need energy to work and you may simply not have that energy while going through intensive treatment. Alternatively, if you needed multiple surgeries to remove the cancer, you could need time off while you recover and heal.

Even if the surgeries were a complete success, that doesn’t mean you can just go right back to work. How long will it take before you’re up for it again? Will you ever be able to go back? Are struggling with additional health issues that further complicate your life or side-effects of the treatment that create permanent new problems, like difficulty using your hands or trouble walking? All of these have to be considered as you decide your next path.

These are important things to consider when your disease makes it impossible for you to keep working. Make sure you know what benefits you may be able to get to help. If you decide to file a Social Security Disability claim, it may be wisest to seek experienced legal assistance with your application.