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TSA institutes disability assistance offerings

For those Americans who have suffered the tragic, frequently life-changing onset of a disability, almost every aspect of everyday life can become riddled with new, unforeseen difficulties. Important matters such as caring for family members, fulfilling job duties, and maintaining a positive quality of life are often of primary concern in such cases.

USDA: disability makes it harder to put food on the table

For a working family the challenges of caring for one or more members with a disability are potent and myriad. From medical bills to the strain a serious injury or disease can put on the very love that bonds a household together, disabilities of any kind can become a factor that must be accounted for and overcome in nearly every aspect of life. Such aspects can be as simple as the need to keep everyone fed.

As SSD benefits lag, Alzheimer's disease rates on the rise

There are few afflictions that can be more difficult to either suffer from or watch a loved one combat than Alzheimer's disease. As proteins gather into a kind of plaque that impedes basic brain function, those who suffer from the disease not only lose the ability to perform many of the everyday tasks they've known for all their lives, but they also begin to lose much of their memory.

Courts, DOJ contemplating new boundaries of disability

As the country adapts and continues to grow in its awareness, accommodation, and treatment of disabling ailments and injuries, it appears inevitable that the lines demarcating what is a "disability" and what is not will shift at an ever-quickening pace. Now, with the Americans with Disabilities Act more than two decades old, the recognition and protection of newly understood conditions is a frequent issue in courts both in Texas and across all of America.

Feds call for widened disabled sports in schools

Title IX, the landmark legislation that called for mandatory gender equality in high school and collegiate sports, has for decades had a defining impact on the nature of sports programs and team dynamics across the nation's schools. Now, a new directive from the federal Education Department appears poised to have the same landmark effect for those students with disabilities.

Electronic Social Security deposits coming to an account near you

Hoping to trim internal costs, fight fraud, and make things easier for benefits recipients, the Social Security Administration recently re-affirmed its commitment to using electronic direct deposit methods of payment. For those receiving traditional retirement benefits, survivor payments, Social Security disability, Veterans Affairs, government pensions, and Supplemental Security Income, the government would much prefer to provide help with the click of a button, rather than a stamped envelope.

Factors in SSDI rise complicated but not unexpected

Building on last week's post providing new figures and statistics on the overwhelmed situation the Social Security Administration's disability benefit program currently finds itself within, new labor and medical statistics have been derived by economists, lawmakers, and health care officials across the nation.

SSDI backlog continues to cause problems

In previous posts we've brought both statistics and specific examples of just how difficult and drawn-out the Social Security disability application and appeal process can be. New testimonials and studies have recently come to present an even clearer picture of the ordeal, fundamentally reasserting the value of a Social Security attorney as one works to extract due benefits and support.

Religious groups find common ground in SSDI

People of incredibly varied races, religions, geographies, and economic classes in America often have one distinct common bond between them: a need for the bump in income that Social Security Disability Insurance can provide. Sometimes making the difference between a family going hungry and putting food on the table, SSDI is one of the government's most important assistance programs.