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December 2012 Archives

Religious groups find common ground in SSDI

People of incredibly varied races, religions, geographies, and economic classes in America often have one distinct common bond between them: a need for the bump in income that Social Security Disability Insurance can provide. Sometimes making the difference between a family going hungry and putting food on the table, SSDI is one of the government's most important assistance programs.

Access to Social Security Disability expanded

Being accepted for Social Security Disability benefits is often the deciding factor in a family's ability to continue seeking care, put food on the table, and keep their current home or apartment. Since the economic downturn of 2008, however, a 20 percent raise in disability claims has caused the Social Security Administration to be severely backlogged, turning the application, denial, and appeal process into a costly and frustrating affair.

Resilient man seeks SSI relief after injury, eviction

For some, a reliance on Social Security disability payments or Supplementary Security Income can appear to be a form of weakness and dependency. Throughout political and economic debates, these programs are sometimes dismissed as "handouts," a giveaway from taxpayers to those who refuse to work and rise above a past injury or ailment.

Frozen sperm may put survivor benefits on ice

While most who deal with cases of Social Security benefits are older in their years, the government support program can, in some cases, help the very young as well. Support payments for the children of a deceased parent can be claimed and utilized to help provide a more financially secure upbringing. Now, however, the changing landscape of reproductive technologies and techniques is complicating the process.