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January 2013 Archives

SSD justices ousted for unfair denials

During an application or appeal for Social Security Disability benefits, so much hinges on a judge's final decision. Being approved can all but guarantee a family's well-being through the extra income that benefits provide in the absence of work income. However, a denial can be devastating, not just for the applicant but their entire household.

Electronic Social Security deposits coming to an account near you

Hoping to trim internal costs, fight fraud, and make things easier for benefits recipients, the Social Security Administration recently re-affirmed its commitment to using electronic direct deposit methods of payment. For those receiving traditional retirement benefits, survivor payments, Social Security disability, Veterans Affairs, government pensions, and Supplemental Security Income, the government would much prefer to provide help with the click of a button, rather than a stamped envelope.

Options, stipulations in place for child disability benefits

When most people discuss Social Security and the numerous benefit programs it provides to millions of Americans, they envision a working adult who has either reached retirement age or has been unfortunately struck by a disability that makes it impossible for them to go to work.

Factors in SSDI rise complicated but not unexpected

Building on last week's post providing new figures and statistics on the overwhelmed situation the Social Security Administration's disability benefit program currently finds itself within, new labor and medical statistics have been derived by economists, lawmakers, and health care officials across the nation.

SSDI backlog continues to cause problems

In previous posts we've brought both statistics and specific examples of just how difficult and drawn-out the Social Security disability application and appeal process can be. New testimonials and studies have recently come to present an even clearer picture of the ordeal, fundamentally reasserting the value of a Social Security attorney as one works to extract due benefits and support.