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March 2013 Archives

One-legged athlete takes on Crossfit Games

For athletes in the state of Texas, there is nothing more exhilarating than pushing yourself to do something better, faster or stronger. Constantly testing your limits and always improving on your skills are key to any athletes' success and as some would say, there is no better way of testing this than by participating in an athletic competition.

Disability awareness event draws support, skepticism

One of the most dominant reasons for the continuing unfair, marginalizing treatment of disabled persons in America is the lack of understanding and empathy that more able-bodied persons have for those with a debilitating condition. This disconnect, which often is most obvious between policymakers and everyday people, is at the root of access, benefits (such as Social Security Disability), and treatment faltering both here in Texas and across the nation.

TSA institutes disability assistance offerings

For those Americans who have suffered the tragic, frequently life-changing onset of a disability, almost every aspect of everyday life can become riddled with new, unforeseen difficulties. Important matters such as caring for family members, fulfilling job duties, and maintaining a positive quality of life are often of primary concern in such cases.

Don't check the mailbox: SSD and SSDI e-payments begin

As we discussed in a previous post, the way in which every Texan who currently receives Social Security benefits, be they through the Association's SSD or SSDI programs, veterans benefits, or conventional payments to seniors who have paid into the system over the course of their careers, is being drastically changed. Rather than arriving each month in the mail as a printed paper government check, benefits will be distributed to recipients through more efficient and immediate electronic means.