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May 2014 Archives

A closer look at debt collection and Social Security benefits

The unfortunate reality for many people is that when they accumulate large amounts of debt despite their best efforts, it's only a matter of time before debt collectors will start calling or even pursue the matter in court.

Program looks to make a difference for SSI recipients and their families

While our nation's economy is finally showing signs of sustained improvement, the employment picture remains murky at best for many people, particularly the young and the disabled.

Study finds diabetes may trigger brain tissue degeneration

Most people understand the health consequences of diabetes including the negative impact on the functioning of the kidneys and heart, reduced blood circulation, vision problems and even the elevated risk of stroke. However, what they might not realize is that diabetes can actually have a serious impact on the brain as well.

Living with bipolar disorder may also mean living with depression

Anyone with depression knows it is way more than just being sad or feeling a little down. In fact, for those living with depression, the condition can be downright debilitating, even impacting their lives to the point that holding down a job is impossible.