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September 2014 Archives

What are the SSI eligibility requirements for children?

In our previous post, we discussed how those families with disabled children might be in need of extra income to help make ends meet if a parent had to forgo working in order to provide the necessary care, and how the Supplemental Security Income program may provide much-needed help in these difficult scenarios.

Why is there so much controversy surrounding the SSI program?

The unfortunate reality for many families with disabled children is that money to cover basic living expenses is sometimes hard to come by. That's because a parent might have to stay home to provide for their disabled child's needs, either cutting the household income in half or removing the sole source of income altogether.

OCD may be tied to higher schizophrenia risk

There are few things more deeply troubling and terrifying than not being able to trust one's own mind. Sadly, this is something that many individuals with serious mental disorders face on a regular basis. One mental disorder that can be particularly tough on its victims is schizophrenia. As is outlined by the National Institute of Mental Health, schizophrenia can give rise to many different symptoms, including: "working memory" problems, thought disorders, attentiveness problems, focus problems, movement disorders, problems with decision-making, delusions and hallucinations.

The SSA appeal process, and how we can help you with it

When someone files for Social Security disability benefits, they may think that there's no way that the Social Security Administration will deny their claim. In their mind, their condition or injury clearly warrants them receiving these important benefits. Unfortunately, this isn't the way it works for every SSD applicant. Sometimes, the SSA denies the individual's claim, and that person may think that they have no recourse.