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June 2015 Archives

Texas disability and illness can be financially devastating

During the difficult economic times that Texans experienced a few years ago, many people in the Houston area probably had fears about losing their job and not having an income. Even today, job security can be a scary subject for hard-working people in a variety of different industries. Just like losing a job, suffering a debilitating illness can prevent a person from earning the income that they received prior to the illness.

What counts as income for Texas Supplemental Security Income?

Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a program that the Social Security Administration (SSA) manages. It is designed to provide income assistance for Texans who are disabled or blind and for individuals over the age of 65. The SSA determines an applicant's eligibility, and the amount that they qualify to receive based in part on the person's income. Nevertheless, what exactly counts as income for purposes of SSI determinations?

SSA's disability program under fire following release of report

As we've discussed before, the Social Security Administration's disability program is currently facing an uncertain future. That's because agency estimates show that the trust fund from which disability benefits are drawn will likely run out of funds during the latter half of 2016.

Researchers exploring new methods of treating depression

While many people would like to think that they will never suffer from depression, statistics would seem to suggest this may not be so fortunate. Indeed, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America has found that as many as 14.8 million adults -- roughly 6.7 percent of the population -- will suffer a major depressive episode in a given year, and that depression is one of the leading causes of disability in the U.S. among those between the ages of 15 to 44. As sobering as these numbers are, consider also that not everyone suffering from depression responds to traditional treatments like antidepressants and/or cognitive behavioral therapy.