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November 2015 Archives

Liver disease can have many causes, varying symptoms

Every living person has a liver, and it plays a vital role keeping the person alive and healthy. The liver helps people digest their food and it filters the blood to get rid of toxic substances. When a person in Texas has a problem with their liver, they might not even know it at first because in many cases, the early stages of liver damage do not cause any recognizable symptoms. On the other hand, as they progress, liver problems can lead to other debilitating conditions.

Study sheds some new light on schizophrenia

Doctors and researchers in Houston and throughout the country go to tremendous efforts to understand various illnesses so that they can eventually find new ways of helping people who suffer from those conditions. Likewise, organizations and private individuals pour a great deal of time and money into helping the medical community achieve its goals. Despite these efforts, some human conditions continue to present challenges when it comes to understanding and treating them.

What does the Texas DDS do for SSI benefits?

As prior posts on this blog have explained, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a program that helps people with few financial resources, and who are disabled, blind or over the age of 65, to pay their daily living expenses. The SSI program, which is centrally managed by the Social Security Administration (SSA), is a vital lifeline for many people in the Houston area. But how does the State of Texas come into the picture as far as helping disabled Texans get the benefits that they need?

We can help with your Social Security disability claim

Houston workers have the ability to access disability insurance through Social Security when their illnesses and injuries qualify them for financial assistance. However, the process of securing such benefits can be complicated and confusing for individuals who have never before had to work within the Social Security system. When you begin to investigate if and how you should pursue a Social Security Disability Insurance claim, you may choose to work with a legal professional who can help you navigate the requirements of the government program.