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March 2016 Archives

Annual awareness campaign focuses on brain injury

Brain injuries affect millions of people across the United States, including many in the Houston area. Any family with a loved one who has suffered a brain injury knows just how detrimental the injury can be to the person's everyday life.

How is blindness defined under Social Security disability rules?

Blindness touches millions of people throughout the United States, some of whom live in the Houston area. According to 2013 data from the National Federation of the Blind, more than 7.3 million non-institutionalized people ages 16 and older have some visual disability. But not all of those people are necessarily completely blind. So what is the vision threshold when it comes to determining whether a person is legally blind for purposes of disability benefits?

Backlogs can delay SSD benefits for a work-related injury

When someone suffers an accident injury and they are unable to work, they may lose their income. Of course, just because a person is injured and can't work doesn't mean that their monthly bills stop coming. Moreover, they may have to contend with medical expenses related to the injury. While not necessarily restricted to people with an earnings history, Social Security Disability benefits for injuries are designed to help those people who cannot work because of an injury.

Lung cancer doesn't have to mean financial ruin

Cancer is a word that can easily strike fear into even the bravest and strongest people. Although doctors and researchers continue to make strides in treating the many different kinds of cancer, it is often still a debilitating and even deadly disease. Few types of cancer are more worrisome than lung cancer.

How prevalent is mental illness in the United States?

Many people in Houston would say that without good health, nothing else in life really matters. In many cases, it is relatively easy for a person to determine whether they are physically healthy. When it comes to mental health, however, the picture becomes much murkier.