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January 2020 Archives

Can you get Social Security Disability benefits for OCD?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a pervasive mental disorder that can disrupt a victim's entire life. Beset by obsessions, or thoughts that cause anxiety, and compulsions, or repetitive behaviors that are responses to those obsessive thoughts, sufferers may be unable to function normally in their daily life and also be unable to work.

Applying for disability with narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is a type of sleep disorder that causes, among other things, excessive daytime sleepiness. Some narcoleptics also experience cataplexy, or a sudden loss of muscle tone that can cause them to suddenly drop over. Combined with the inability to stay awake, the disorder can be quite debilitating.

Can mild cognitive impairment be a disability?

Many people in the Houston area are diagnosed with what doctors call mild cognitive impairment, or MCI. MCI can in fact be the precursor to Alzheimer's Disease, a progressive and ultimately fatal neurological condition that causes profound memory loss and other issues.

We can help people who have hard-to-measure injuries

It can actually be easier on a Houston resident who suffers an injury if he or she has some visible symptom. For instance, broken bones and spinal cord injuries may show up on an x-ray or another medical test, and CT Scans or MRIs can detect traumatic brain injuries. In these cases, many people will almost take for granted that the victim was hurt seriously.